Desayuno (breakfast)

Breakfast can be light fruit and coffee or a substantial brunch

If you're in the house when Javier Panero "the churro guy" comes by in the morning, don't miss the opportunity to try some. He has different offerings daily, typically one cream-filled (vanilla, chocolate, caramel) and one fruit-filled. His schedule is somewhat sporadic, but once he meets you he'll likely ask when you want him to return. He collects T-shirts from around the world and would love one in size Medium from your hometown.

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Some of our personal breakfast favorites

A: Calle 2 N at the corner of 10 Av

P: 872 77 49

Small place with a bright, pleasant atmosphere. Well-made Mexican breakfast classics, omelettes, and some American favorites for those pining for Eggs Benedict or biscuits with sausage gravy.

A: Playa San Juan Costera Norte Km 4.5

P: 872 01 00

Beach club north of town with very nice breakfasts at the edge of the water. Great views. There's a swimming beach, snorkeling area, pool, and outdoor shower that restaurant customers can use! Opens a bit too late for dive days but otherwise makes for an extremely pleasant morning.

A: 10a Av. Sur at the corner of Calle 3 Sur

P: 872 10 89

La Cozumeleña is a bakery in the center of town that opens early. They have great cafe de olla (coffee with cinnamon and other spices), fruit smoothies and fruit plates, as well as tasty molletes and egg dishes of many kinds. I love their huevos jarochos. Free parking in a private lot.

Carnitas Díaz


A: 65 Avenida S between Rosado Salas and Calle 3S

Pork tacos in the morning! Some are fairly gnarly bits by NOB standards, but the costilla (pork rib meat) and chamorro (pork shank) are great. They open early 7 days a week and serve carnitas until 2 PM.

Corazón Contento


A: Calle 2 Nte. at the corner of 10a Av

P: 876 1526

Run by the former managers of the restaurant above the museum, this lovely place does a great breakfast. They have a number of health-conscious choices and lighter items that are great before going diving as well as all the traditional favorites. The chilaquiles negros is amazing. There's inexpensive paid parking right behind the restaurant off 2. It can get very full with professional-class locals waiting for tables.

A: 5a Av N between Av Juárez & Calle 2 N (pedestrian)

Coffee shop in the pedestrian area of the zócalo. They roast beans fresh every day and serve a range of excellent coffee drinks. Small selection of pastries, including gluten-free and vegan. We buy coffee beans here to take home.

El Mercado Municipal


A: Calle Dr. Adolfo Rosado Salas between Av. 20 and 25

There are several food stalls and restaurants in the main city market where you can get breakfast including Yucatecan favorites such as panuchos and salbutes. These are quick, inexpensive, and filling and open early enough for pre-dive breakfasts. You can also pick up fresh fruit already cut up and some yogurt for the quickest breakfast ever.

A: Av. Benito Juárez near 105a Av. Sur at the eastern edge of town 

P: 872 72 87

This place on the transversal road is not very close to Casa Suzana, but it's great for wonderful tacos in the morning. Their specialty is fried shrimp, but they have a large range of seafood and non-seafood toppings. They're quick, so this is a reasonable pre-dive choice despite the distance. They will also deliver to Casa Suzana. Closed Mondays.

A: 20 Av at Calle 1

P: 111 32 59

Of the several locations, this is the one we like. Specializing in seafood tacos and tortas, this is a quick place to get delicious fried shrimp tacos before diving.

A: Calle 6 Nte. between Melgar & 5 Av

P: 872 58 07

Good coffee drinks, brunch dishes. Sort of chic. Not quick enough for pre-dive. Maple Bakehouse is their bakery on 65 Av, El Maple is the restaurant on Calle 6.

A: Calle Miguel Hidalgo #1683 between 65 Av. and 55 Sur Bis

P: 120 93 05

Wonderful baked puff pastry empanadas, very inexpensive. There are daily specials, but the regular fillings are great. The fruit ones make a particularly good breakfast.

El Super Hit


A: Av. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell (30) at the corner of Calle 15 Sur

One of the two locsations is walking distance from Casa Suzana (the original is by the baseball stadium, hence the name "home run"). They have a range of breakfast items including Yucatecan favorites. Their cochinita pibil tortas make a fine breakfast.

A: Av. Xel-Ha (Calle 15) & Mujica

P: 100 55 00

Popular for empanadas, chilinidrinas, panuchos, and salbutes. Just down the block from Los 3 Patitos on the corner of 30a, which has we don't like as much but serves as a good landmark.

A: Melgar near Calle 11, across from Mega

P: 878 46 47

They're open for lunch and supper as well, but we've only been for their Sunday-only brunch when they have lots of fresh fruit and juice, eggs cooked to order, and 6-8 local specialties such as cochinita pibil, salbutes, tamales, etc. Excellent view from the waterfront patio. Popular with locals.

La Candela


A: 5a Av. Nte at the corner of Calle 6 Nte

P: 878 44 71

Does not open early enough for pre-dive breakfasts, but otherwise a great choice near downtown shopping under a palapa for people-watching

A: 10a Av. Sur at the corner of Calle Dr. Adolfo Rosado Salas

P: 872 09 58

A strong, reliable favorite. Many good choices for breakfast here. Huevos alla Choza, scrambled eggs with mole, are especially good, as are migas. They have hot Mexican chocolate and cafe de olla. Free parking in nearby lot.

La Cocina de Silvia


A: 5 Av at Calle 21

P: 111 12 61

Right in the neighborhood. Very pleasant to sit at a sidewalk table in good weather.

Restaurant Tamarindos 


A: 30 Av at Calle 7

P: 120 98 36

On Saturdays and Wednesdays, they serve Lechón al Horno, roast suckling pig, in tacos and tortas so cheap it's almost free. Served with crackling, it is addictive. Eggs and other breakfast dishes (but get the lechón or cochinita!) They are open for lunch, but hefty take-out business in the morning means they can run out of lechón by lunch. The rest of the week they have cochinita pibil and a few other traditional toppings every day.



A: 5a Av. Nte at the corner of Calle 4 Nte

Quick place to grab  pastries and coffee.