Getting to & from Cozumel

During pandemics, double-check everything!

  • Vaccination is incomplete in Mexico

  • Avoid crowds in airports, on buses, and on ferries

  • Keep your mask on when using all forms of transportation including taxis

Remember that everyone in your party must have a valid passport to travel between the USA and Mexico!

By Air

  • Numerous direct flights from the US and Canada land at Cozumel International Airport (CZM)

  • Scubaboard has an excellent walk-through on the arrivals process at CZM

  • Fares are sometimes lower at Cancún International Airport (CUN). If you land there, you'll need to get from there to the island, which will cost a minimum of USD$25 per person each way.

    • This usually involves getting to Playa del Carmen and taking the ferry

    • No matter what any travel agent or airline person says, there is no "water taxi from Cancún". They have told me this and insisted there is one. They are wildly wrong.

    • Ron Lee has a highly-detailed walk-through of getting from Cancún to Cozumel, with photos

  • Mayair no longer offers scheduled flights between CUN and CZM. If you're in a hurry, you can charter a flight through them.

By Ferry - sit outside during pandemics, and double-check schedules

  • There are three passenger ferry companies operating between Playa del Carmen and the island: Mexico Waterjets, Ultramar, and newcomer Barcos Caribe

  • Between the passenger ferry companies, there's a ferry every hour through the day or more often.

    • The schedules of the first two companies alternate and fares are the same

    • Barcos Caribe is a bit less expensive and fills in holes in the older schedules

  • We recommend NOT purchasing round-trip fares. While you can get refunds and buy a ticket on the other line, there is no discount for round-trip tickets, so just buy a ticket for the next ferry.

  • Only buy tickets from the official booths - anyone else is ripping you off

    • If their ticket seems lower than the posted price, it's because you won't be able to board with it unless you show a local ID

  • Waterjets has Android, Blackberry, and iPhone apps. Ultramar does not, but you can simply check the following day on the Waterjets app to get the Ultramar schedule.

  • A car ferry is available if you drive your own car to the Yucatan for an extended visit

    • If you don't have your own personal car or lots of cargo, this option is much too slow and expensive. You'll spend hours each way waiting in line, and the ferry itself is slow.

    • For rental cars, it's far easier and cheaper to rent separate cars on the island and on the mainland

    • We have never taken our own car on the ferry - we rent a car on the mainland when needed

By Bus - avoid during pandemics

  • No, the air-conditioned ADO Bus won't get you to the island, but it's an inexpensive and quick way to get from the Cancún airport to Playa del Carmen, where you can catch the ferry two blocks from the bus terminal

  • Buses are modern, comfortable, air-conditioned, and safe

  • You'll be able to watch (part of) a recent feature film in Spanish on the bus

Getting to Casa Suzana - keep that mask on until you're alone inside!

  • Once you're on the island, our on-island staff will greet you at the airport or the ferry terminal to help you get to the house so you can begin your island adventure. They'll have a sign with your name on it.

  • If someone approaches you to "look up your name" on a clipboard, she's trying to sell you a time-share

  • The only way to get from the airport or ferry landing is by taxi van, at a set price. The taxi syndicate makes it impossible for any business (including our agents) to pick people up at those locations.

  • Getting back to the airport or ferry landing is much more flexible and the fare is lower