Cozumel is safe


  • The US Department of State does not include Cozumel in any travel advisories
  • The local crime rate is lower tan US cities of comparable size
    • We do not worry about walking around Cozumel at night
    • There is no local "narcoterrorism" threat
    • Almost all crime is theft rather than violent crime

Use common sense

  • Lock doors (house, car)
  • Use the security system
  • Don't leave valuables unattended outside the house
  • Don't let anyone but our maid and staff in the house
    • This includes your divemaster or that great guy you met at that place
    • This is for both your safety and ours (to prevent someone returning later to break in)
    • There may be exceptions if we know your intended guest
      • Tell us whom you'd like to invite and we'll let you know
      • There are people on the island we'd trust to the ends of the earth
  • Don't give anyone your door/alarm code for any reason
    • Anyone who's authorized to be in the house will already have their own individual code

Police presence

  • It's common to see state, federal or military police patrolling with rifles or shotguns
    • This is meant to make their presence seen and to be reassuring
  • Police normally drive around with their lights flashing all the time
    • This does not necessarily mean they're responding to a crime or pulling you over

Traffic Safety

  • Traffic presents the biggest safety risk to Cozumel visitors
  • Do not rent scooters
  • Don't speed
  • Do not rent scooters
  • Pay attention to one-way streets
  • Do not rent scooters
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Do not rent scooters
  • Look out for "topes" (large speed bumps)
  • Do not rent scooters
  • If you must rent scooters, don't ride them


  • Mexico is very serious about controlling weapons. Do not bring them.
  • In particular, do not bring any firearms or ammunition at all. You're likely to end up in jail if caught.
  • Avoid carrying pocket or dive knives around town, as these can be determined to be weapons