Effortless meal delivery

Have meals or snacks delivered to you at Casa Suzana

After a long day of enjoying all that Cozumel has to offer, sometimes it's great to have a meal delivered right to the door of Casa Suzana. The numbers for these should be in the directories of the cordless phones at Casa Suzana or in the guest information binder, but you'll find them below as well.

Several services will deliver (often at no additional charge!) orders from any business on the island. This isn't limited to restaurants, but also includes pharmacies, grocery stores, and even gasoline if you run out! These are absolutely superb services. It's easiest to order by text via WhatsApp. They speak and understand English well.

The Fasty App allows you to order and pay online through the app from a large number of restaurants. Menus are online and it will let you know what's open at the time. You can also order goods and services (including rides) and have them pick up your grocery list. There are several apps called "Fasty", the others in the wrong country or city, so use the link above for their site to get links to the correct apps.

Room Service Cozumel - +52 987 111 07 56‬ (use WhatsApp)

Servicio Express - +52 987 117 02 80‬ (use WhatsApp)

Several of our favorite local restaurants do their own delivery:

There are also various pizza places you can find in the phone book