Getting Around Cozumel

If you're staying at Casa Suzana, I can provide map POI's in .gpx or .kml format upon request. Do not rely on Apple Maps in Cozumel! It can be comically inaccurate, with mislabeled streets and mis-placed POI's - you may eventually get lost if you try to use Apple Maps in Cozumel! Many streets in the vicinity of Casa Suzana are mis-labeled in Apple Maps. Google Maps is fine. Waze is sparse but fairly accurate.


  • Taxis are the easiest way to get around

  • Fares are set and published, using a zone system, but drivers might not follow the official fares

  • No per-passenger or mileage charges apply, but larger groups get charged a small surcharge

  • Confirm the fare before you get in the taxi

  • Drivers usually use a 10:1 exchange rate for dollars, which is usually terrible for you - carry pesos!

  • The taxi syndicate has a lock on airport and ferry terminal transport

  • Official taxi fares are highest from the ferry terminal and other taxi stands

  • Taxi drivers are famous for never, ever having change. Bring plenty of small (Mexican peso) bills.

  • "Taxi" is the near-universal name worldwide, while "cab" is not always understood. Call it a "taxi".

Rental Car

  • Rental cars let you take off and go whenever and wherever you like, night or day

  • Make sure you understand the layout of one-way streets

  • Be aware of No Parking areas, including painted curbs

  • Watch out for topes! These speed bumps can be huge and cause significant damage.

  • Credit cards that provide rental card insurance will do you no good at all on the island. Make sure you get full insurance any time you rent a car. Otherwise, a fender-bender can result in your being unable to leave until the other party is satisfied.

Gasolineras (Fuel Stations)

  • There are 5 filling stations on the island, all Pemex with the same fuel prices

  • Nearest to Casa Suzana is on Av. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell (30) at the corner of Av. Benito Juárez

    • The entry is on Av. Benito Juárez, which is one-way toward 30a at that location

    • You can turn left on Calle 2 Norte, then left on 25a Av. Sur, then left on Benito Juárez

    • Or turn right on Benito Juárez from 10a Av. Sur or 20a Av. Sur

Rental Scooter (Motoneta or "Moped")

  • Don't. Seriously. It's simply too dangerous. We enjoy riding our Vespa and Ducatis at home, but traffic and road conditions, topes, impaired or lost tourists, and scooters in poor repair make for a very high risk of ruining your vacation, or worse.


  • A bicycle will get you most places you want to go in town, if you're up for pedaling

  • There are practically no hills, all of them small. One of the few is right by Casa Suzana.

On Foot

  • Cozumel is well-suited for walking both around the neighborhood and downtown

  • Sidewalks are often uneven and can have obstructions such as guy wires. Use special caution with walkers or canes. Wheelchairs can be challenging on smaller sidewalks.


  • Our son often gets around town on a longboard