You get more

Cozumel's best vacation value

Much safer in times of uncertainty

  • Unmask on the property in confidence

  • You won't encounter strangers in hallways, around the pool, or anywhere else

  • The cleaning staff and concierge are highly-trained and conscientious

  • You can get great meals delivered from hundreds of restaurants

  • Mexico still requires, and enforces, the wearing of masks in public, including public areas at resorts

More Space to Relax

  • Our vacation home in Cozumel gives you more room at lower cost per guest

  • You get much more space for less than it costs for a suite in a mid-range hotel

  • Every couple gets their own bedroom and bathroom

  • You get over 2,425 square feet (225 square meters) of living space with a fully-appointed living room, a gourmet kitchen and large private terrace as well as a private walled garden with a pool all your own

More Privacy and Amenities

  • The entire property is yours to enjoy in peace, quiet, and privacy

  • The pool, like the whole house and garden, is yours alone, so you can enjoy it however you'd like, whether that's "European-style" for an all-over tan or packed with your extended family

  • You won't run into anyone else in the hallways or in the pool as you would at a condo

  • The kitchen is furnished with premium appliances and all the utensils you could need

  • Make snacks or drinks if and when you like or prepare full multi-course meals

  • Need to catch an important game from back home? The cable TV and home theater is ready for you!

More Value at a Lower Price

  • No resort fees or other hidden charges - just the rent and accommodation tax

  • For a family or group, renting our house can be much more economical than renting cramped hotel rooms, sharing bathrooms, and paying the "all-inclusive" fees

  • You can enjoy your own home-cooked food if you want. It’s less expensive than resort food and you can eat on your schedule, not the hotel’s.

  • Large, modern grocery stores are just a few blocks away. Besides glorious tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh local seafood, and Mexican delicacies of all sorts, they offer prepared foods and even peanut butter and other American treats.

  • Not only can you “wear what you want” to breakfast, you don’t have to eat at a picked-over buffet that has been sitting out for hours

  • No "all-inclusive" fees. Why pay for the food or poolside drinks that you may not actually use? Fancy a cold beverage? It’s in your refrigerator - no tipping required. It's less than any all-inclusive fee, and higher-quality!

More Flexibility

  • At Casa Suzana, you make the rules. Do what you want. Vacation your way on your schedule.

  • Take the whole family on your next vacation with no worry about whether everyone can be accommodated

  • There's no set schedule of activities or meals at Casa Suzana. Everything happens on your time.

  • Where would you keep a rental bicycle safely at a hotel? At Casa Suzana, simply lock it behind the locked security gates.

More Local Flavor

  • Resorts on the island are built in remote areas, and it’s difficult to get a feel for what Cozumel is really like when you’re miles away from town

  • Casa Suzana is in an established, upscale residential neighborhood

  • You can walk to restaurants, parks, shops, or the beach. Bicycle to the downtown tourist center. Meet the neighbors.