Weather & Time

It's the tropics!

Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 69°F/20.5°C to 91°F/33°C

The temperature rarely falls below 63°F/17.5°C or rises above 93°F/34°C

Warm Season is May 7 - September 21, Cool Season is December 7 - February 19

Warm Season - early May to mid-September

  • Average daily high temperature above 89°F/32°C

  • Hottest day of the year around August 9, with average high of 91°F/33°C and low of 78°F/25.5°C

Cool Season - early December to late February

  • Average daily high temperature below 83°F/28.5°C

  • Coolest day of the year around February 4, with average low of 69°F/20.5°C and high of 82°F/28°C

Other dates outside of Warm and Cool seasons may be considered "moderate" weather

Cozumel has a "tropical monsoon climate with short dry season"

Rainy Season

  • Rain is most likely late September

    • about 41% of days

  • Highest monthly average rainfall is October

Dry Season

  • Rain is least likely mid-March

    • about 12% of days

  • Lowest average monthly rainfall is March

Rain is usually brief and often limited to night, and averages about 45" (114 cm) per year

Cozumel is on Mexican Southeastern Time (Zona Sureste)

On devices, select "UTC-5", "Cancún", "Chetumal" or "Bogota"

  • The state of Quintana Roo observes UTC -5 year-round

    • Officially this is Mexico Zona Sureste

  • This means no Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes are observed

  • It's the same as Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Central Daylight Time (CDT) year-round

    • Avoid using US time zones such as EST or CDT because US times zones follow DST

  • Up-to-date devices set the time correctly using "Cancún"

  • "Chetumal" is the capitol of Quintana Roo and systems that include it (Windows 10) should set the time correctly

  • "Bogota" works correctly as it's also UTC -5 and does not observe DST

Sunrise and sunset are fairly consistent year-round

It will usually be light, or getting light, at 6:30-7 AM and dark, or getting dark at 6:30-7 PM

  • Day length varies by less than 2 ½ hours over the course of the year

  • Sunset in the summer is much earlier than northerners expect, 7:32 PM at the latest (end June to early July)

  • Sunset in the winter is much later than northerners expect, never before 6:05 PM (late November)

  • Sunrise is from to 6:06 AM to 7:26 AM

Another way to think of this is that sunrise and sunset are around 6:45 AM or PM +/- 45 minutes