Light and refreshing.

Yes, the ice cubes are an integral and necessary part of the recipe.


  1. Cut the lime in half through its equator and rub the rim of a large tumbler with the cut edge.

  2. Pour some salt in a saucer and rim the tumbler with the salt.

  3. Fill the tumbler at least half-full of ice.

  4. Squeeze both halves of the lime into the tumbler.

  5. Pour the lager into the tumbler, remaining aware that it's likely to foam up more than usual.


  • Many different types of lagers make many different types of chelada depending upon your mood.

  • We particularly like Bohemia (either Lager or Ambar), which can be difficult to find.

  • In the US, Sol and Tecate are good choices for light lagers and Dos Equis Ambar and Negra Modelo are good for dark.

Author: Mark Stevens

Source: Casa Suzana